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S P E K T R U M  

Authentic, Limitless and High-Vibrant

Spektrum Studios is a Gothenburg based record label and omnicreative platform where all dimensions of the art spectrum are looked at equally - a place where artists from every form of expression can meet, represent and unite their art.

Thanks to a developing technology -  the structure of the art industry is clearly shifting. Artists are no longer dependent on the bigger companies in the matter of technology-availability or marketing. The widen access of software-instruments and channels of communication does not only strengthen the power of the individuals but also their possibilities of making new connections and  collaborations.

Spektrum Studios is a meeting point where creative people of different expressions can connect and harmonize their art. A platform where music artists can meet visual artists to realize the visions of a music video or album cover - or where visual artists can meet music artists to achieve unique sounds for their film projects. At Spektrum Studios we value all frequencies of the spectrum equally, as we believe that collaborations between creative minds and the unity of visual and audial experiences strengthens the energy of the entire art creation. 

Are you interested in expanding yourself and your art? 

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